The Best iPhone selfie apps of your choice:

Gone are the days when people were keen to click their pictures using DSLR and handy cams. In a world full of the technological era. New sorts of inventions and electronic gadgets are invented each day and introduced in the market. One of them is the feature of selfie mode in smartphones which holds a strong fan-base worldwide. Other than this, the social media fever is reaching its peak. And everyone is in the race of posting their most beautiful clicks and selfies. To level up this game of selfies and clicks. People always look for the best iPhone selfie apps that can enhance the clarity and pixels in their selfies. Other than this, some people also demand selfie apps that can provide a funky look to their clicks.

When we talk about taking great selfies. We must keep in mind some factors that play an important role to enhance the beauty of selfies. For a perfect selfie, you should have a steady hand, good lighting, and a neutral background. Golden hour is considered the perfect time for clicking selfies. Which is the time right after sunrise and right before sunset. For your convenience, here we have searched out the best selfie apps which are the perfect choice for iPhone users. You can select such apps according to their features and at your convenience.

1. Selfie Editor Blemish remover:

Selfie editor is considered the most demanding and best app which can enhance the portrait. It has a lot of key features including the following as below:

  • Selfie editor helps to provide glowing and radiant skin because of its portrait enhancement feature.
  • It helps to temporarily remove the imperfections from your skin. Such as pimples and tanning providing you with smooth and clear skin.
  • It helps to lighten the dark circles under your eyes. Which is the most demanding feature among the majority of people.
  • There are also some face makeup editing tools in this app. That can help to lift your face and provides smooth skin in selfies reducing wrinkles.

2. Snapchat selfie apps:

Snapchat is also considered one of the most downloaded selfie apps worldwide. It holds an unlimited collection of filters and features which helps it to stand out among the others. Snapchat allows its users to click selfies, and to make videos according to their choice. 

There are a lot of filters available on Snapchat. Including crazy cat whiskers, dog ears, aesthetic filters, black and white filters, and quotation-based filters too. Snapchat works excellently as it also allows the feature of direct posting the selfie after editing to social media engines. The clicked selfies and videos are automatically saved in the memory section of Snapchat. Where you can see them again and are also saved to Camera roll. You can add text to your photos, with Bitmoji’s and GIFs too.

3. BeautyPlus iPhone selfie apps:

BeautyPlus is again one of the most downloaded apps from the Apple Store. Users have rated this app with the best rating and feedback. Explains that this is one of the most powerful apps for the iPhone. Other than this, beauty plus has special features which can edit the photo using a lot of editing tools in-built in the app. You can apply a lot of filters and cartoon characters in your photo. 

The best feature is the magic brush which helps to add some fantasy to your selfie. Other than this, you can add volume to your hairs, can add color to your hairs, and also enhance your facial features. The Auto-beautify tool in this app turns your selfies into the perfect ones by just pushing the button. You can also reshape and firm the tools by switching to the premium features of this app.

4. Retrica iPhone selfie apps:

Retrica is also a demanding app for selfies and people prefer to use this app. You can easily click a perfect selfie in any pose using this app. Other than this, Retrica provides more than one-hundred and fifty selfies and the features don’t stop here. You can create collages and can add doodles, time stamps, messages, and a huge variety of stickers to your images. 

After clicking the selfie, you can post them directly to social media engines or can send them in the form of a private message too. The real-time filter of this app allows you to save your time and a wide variety of stickers lets you have fun with your selfies. Retrica enables you to record amazing videos and helps you to create GIFs that you can share easily on any social media engine.

5. FaceTune2 the best iPhone selfie apps:

This app is considered as an ultimate selfie app that helps you to reduce the facial flaws from your selfies. You can enhance the beauty of your selfies. By fixing the problems related to skin such as reducing the pimples and dark spots. The unique features of FaceTune2 help you to whiten the teeth, slim down or fatten your face, brighten up the skin complexion and eyes, helps to remove shadow and glare. 

You can also control the saturation, temperature, and brightness level of your selfie through the features available in this app. This app is constantly updated which adds several new features too including the multi-color neon filters, Light FX, light leak effects, and makeup palette with rainbow colors. A new hair tool also provides an opportunity to experiment with your hair and you can add and drop the hair color according to your choice in the selfie.


We cannot deny the fact that selfies have become a major part of our lives. We see a lot of funny and beautiful selfies posted on social media engines on daily basis. The iPhone selfie apps help us to process the selfie to make it perfect and flawless. You can add or remove any flaw from your selfie easily by using the apps mentioned above. If you are not satisfied with the details of your picture, you can surely add or remove the features in your picture to make it according to your desire.

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