What are the 10 Best photo filters apps for your iPhone?

The iPhone has a larger sensor which allows it to carry out better in low light than its competitors despite the lower resolution. You can take pictures on your iPhone by significant angles and checking the light is behind the camera. Sometimes we are not satisfied with the natural clicks. But we look for some best photo filters app for iPhone apps to add some features. There are many apps available online. But here we are going to discuss the 10 best photo filters apps for iPhone. You can edit photos and videos by using the best these filters on your iPhone. When you use iCloud photos, any edits you make are saving across all devices.

1. Selfie Editor Blemish remover:

A very high-rated app and a must for every iPhone user for selfies and groupies. Not only It fixes the problems of the face but also slims and glows it. It contains the best photo filters vacation snapshots and beauty cameras. The features can erase every fine imperfection on your face like pimples and blemishes. It also has great features like the heart-melting smile that whitens your teeth. Another great feature is the bigger and the brighter eyes. Which adds flavor to the cake and also resizing and reshaping, Brightening dark circles, glowing and radiant skin. Which makes your face flawless. It is a completely free app that can be used both by beginners and professionals.

2. VSCO:

Do you want a very classy and subtle look? Use this filter app. It will give a very gentle and natural film-making type glow to your image. It has a built-in camera feature. Its Photo-sharing community is unique. Ten 10 basic filters come without any cost. And have more than 130 outstanding best photo filters for iPhone if you have the premium plan. Apart from this, it provides additional features like editing tools for cropping, exposure, color, grain, fade, and more. Anyone can even change the intensity of the filters. Also contains a great video editor and an easy user interface.

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3. Afterlight 2:

A professional tool created by professionals. Its price is just $2.99. It is an all-in-one photo editing software. It contains many filters for every type of mood. Even you can create your filter if needed. Two images can be blended for creating double exposure. Its special filters range from bright and fresh to grungy and vintage. A border or an Instant Film frame can also be applied using a preset color or your image as the background. About 120+ hand-picked Fonts and 150+ original Designs adds cream to the cake. You can easily customize each layer with drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking, and non-destructive layer management, and whatnot.

4. Snapseed:

It will give you a very retro look to your images. This is not famous for subtle-looking filters but more powerful ones offer filters like noir, vintage, and “retrolux”. That enhance the retro-ness of the art but are easily customizable so they can even be used for subtle needs. It is completely free and provides a wide range of the best photo filters for the iPhone. But most famous for its Portrait filters that can completely take your picture to the next league. It can be used by both professional and amateurs. And its special brush and glow style filter is well praised in the community and ahead of the competition. 

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5. Darkroom:

Black and white are old for movies but not for filters and never will be. This app contains the best photo filters for iPhone from black and white to colored. With a very powerful editing tool. It is completely free. Apart from this, it is very efficient as you can add the filter to photos in batches. Contains designed filters for both landscape and portrait modes. But the hidden surprise is that Filters can be applied to iPhone Live Photos as well as still images. With an option of a customizable filter, you can even create your own. Undoubtedly it will provide a bold signature to your pictures.

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6. A color story:

If you want to add a bright filter to your pictures then this is made just for you. With more than 100 best photo filters this is one of the leading editing software for iPhone. With movable effects like textures, light leaks, and lens flare it provides a unique feature. Not very powerful but adds just a bright and fresh glow to your pictures. With features like batch editing and customizable filters, it is always an advantage. Completely free of charge. And another excellent feature of partial editing it is efficient and also smart. It will make the color brighter and adds a modern look to the pictures. In a single line, adds colors to your life.

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7. Mextures:

Are you a fan of movies like filters then it will transfer you to the world of Cinema? It contains 26 filters based on popular films it comes for just $2.99. It will give a vintage and retro look to your pictures. Analog light leaks and beautiful colored gradients are the extra features. It will give sharpness and exposure to your art. But the best feature is of stacking and blending the layers. You can create your own or even take filters from the photographers present in the app. Various black and white filters are also very popular.

8. Enlight:

This app provides a film-inspired style of filters popular for its duotone, analog, and black and white filters. Comes at $3.99. It provides an artistic way to change your pictures. It also includes a wide range of editing tools and customizable filters. The app has a Mask tool for applying filters and edits to only certain parts of your image. But it is famous for filters like vintage sepia and classic black and white. It is very easy to use as filters can be applied just by a swipe of fingers. It also includes film grain, fade, vignette, and light leaks.

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9. Retrica:

This app will surely transform your phone into a retro camera. Inspired by film-like filters this will make your look classy. Randomize mode is very unique and good. With 55 filters it covers every mood and you can get extra with the premium version. But the best part is the out-of-focus blur option that completely changes the scene. Retrica boasts plenty of options for creating shots, videos, gifs, and even collages. Aside from a large selection of real-time effects and filters, Retrica offers stamps, stickers, drawings, cutting options, and texts. But the problem is you cannot use your phone gallery for saving pictures in the free mode.

10. Instagram:

It is known for social networking. But have the best collections of photo filters ranging from Lo-fi to Ludwig for iPhone. It is completely free and you can directly share the image within the app itself. With adjustable filter strength and editing tools for cropping and sharpening it is worth using. It features live masks and tilt-shift effects increase its value. The only problem is lack of advanced level or professional use can be good for beginners but not for pros. The integrated camera also deserves applause. Filters come from subtle to vintage mode. Other popular filters include Clarendon, Juno, Lark, Gingham, etc.

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What to choose?

Are you loaded with so many options? Maybe you are! because it is not easy to choose from lots of apps available online. But don’t be confused. You are just going to select one of them from the mention above. Every app has its high points so analyze your requirements what kind of look do you want? Then compare your needs with the app features. Like if you are looking to remove the blemish from your face. You can go for Selfie Editor Blemish makeup app. Similarly, you can choose any other best photo filters app according to your requirements on your iPhone.

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