Photo Editing App for iOS
Patch Feature – Selfie Editor for iPhone/iPad

Patch Feature – Selfie Editor for iPhone/iPad

If you’ve ever taken a nice picture in a very cool area only to find out later that there are some dirty or filthy things around the background that should be not be shared to the public, then you would agree that it could be frustrating trying to edit or crop out. It could also ruin the beauty of the well-taken photo. Interestingly, the Selfie Editor app comes with an amazing feature. The patch feature allows you to edit or enhance an image.

To explain better, this feature on this Aviary photo editor allows you to make up for some of the other sides of the picture that may not look appealing. The main reason for incorporating this feature alongside other amazing features like; teeth whitening, reshaping feature, etc is to ensure that the images are perfect.

Aside from the patch feature, this face app has been designed with a camera and video editor. With this high spec camera, you can take amazing photos. Interestingly, after taking these photos with the Camera360, you can edit or enhance them directly from the app. While most applications would require you to switch to another app to edit, this picture editor allows you to do so from the app. Also, you can share these edited photos with your friends and well-wishers on all social media platforms directly from the app.

This app comes with the beauty plus feature that immediately transforms your selfies into any professional beauty level of your choice. As part of the patch feature, you could decide to crop or rotate the photos to make sure that they are in perfect and professional shape. To make the most, you could decide to increase the brightness, contrast, and temperature of the photos. While most photo editors would make the photos blur or lose its image quality when cropped, this amazing picture editor promises the same image quality even after you must have edited the picture. The make-up feature also gives you the opportunity to choose from a long list of make-up accessories. In fact, this app has been developed for all irrespective of your preferences.

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