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Reshape Feature – Selfie Editor for iPhone/iPad

Reshape Feature – Selfie Editor for iPhone/iPad

Do you have any physical shortcoming you would love to hide from people? Would you love to have amazing pictures without having to worry about how your teeth, eyes, nose or any other part of your body is shaped? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the Selfie Editor app is for you. This breathtaking face app has been designed with some of the most amazing features that would definitely leave you hooked. One of these features is the “reshape feature.”

Unknown to most people, this feature offers you the opportunity to either reshape or rearrange your skin, complexion, or teeth.

If you feel that any part of your body may need to be reshaped once you take a photo, the Selfie Editor will help you do the job. This picture editor allows you as a user to take captivating photos with Camera360 (which enables you set timers), then edit and reshape these images in such a way that the end product would leave you speechless. To make you look more appealing, Photoshop fix has been incorporated into the app. With little or no knowledge, you could create compelling and amazing images.

This photo editor also happens to be a video editor. This means that you get to edit videos right before you send them to your loved ones. This app also has a share button that allows you to share images with your loved ones irrespective of where they are in the world. Some of the core essentials of reshaping that this application offers include but are definitely not limited to these; the makeup feature which allows you add all makeup accessories to ensure that you look as captivating as possible, the beauty plus feature that offers you the opportunity to look as beautiful as possible, and also a variety of picture editor effects.

Interestingly, irrespective of your personality, there is a reshape accessory that would definitely suit your style. Also, there are a variety of stickers that you can choose from. These stickers could be used to create awareness for a campaign, thus, making your photos look more professional.

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